Terms of Sale and adoption

We sell our kittens:

  • As a Pet – for loving home/family
  • For Breeding – for professionals and registered Catteries

Niniko Star Cattery is proud to sell kittens For Breeding around the World.

They are also the kittens with Show Quality Potential, but we can not  guarantee it.
When you buy kitten As a Pet – Pedigree will be provided only after kitten have been neutered.

No matter what type of kitten you chose all of them will  be healthy, well trained for everyday routine (will know how to: eat independently, use litter box and scratching pole).

How to reserve a kitten from your cattery?

Before the age of 12 weeks kittens can be reserved by signing reservation contract. In case of reservation, Potential buyer makes a prepayment in amount of 50% of the final kitten’s price.

When I will get my kitten’s pedigree?

PET class: you will get original pedigree after providing signed confirmation of castration/sterilization of your kitten.

BREED class: you will get pedigree after signing sales contract.

Is castration/sterilization always needed for PET class kittens?

Yes, it’s 100% rule.


Cattery  do not accept that any of our kittens will be declawed, confined to a cage or used for research or test purposes.

The buyer can provide his courier or we can offer the courier with whom we worked earlier. We are NOT responsible for your arrangements with the couriers.

Statuses of the kittens:

  • Available — kitten is free and offered for sale
  • Option – Someone is interested in it, but no reservation is made and kitten may be sold or reserved in any time
  • Reserved — the kitten is reserved, but still staying in the cattery
  • Sold — kitten is sold and moved to it’s new home.